Mission & What We Believe

Mission Statement

The mission of The Mattisyn School is to empower and inspire the individual child to create limitless achievements. The Mattisyn School is committed to providing exceptional, positive experiences that create a foundation for life and instill a love for learning.

What We Believe

We believe in our children, first and foremost.  We believe there are no limits to what a child can achieve.   We also believe that the traditional teaching methods do not work with every child.  Young children must be engaged and an active participant in their learning, allowing them to make decisions, examine possibilities and question the world around them. At The Mattisyn School we know that children thrive in an environment that encourages acceptance and respect of each other and values a spirit of community.

Our unique program creates positive, meaningful learning experiences during the early childhood years, empowering the children to gain self-confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness and the development of a love for learning.  By building these traits at an early age, the child can achieve endlessly.

In order to be successful in achieving our goals and mission, the children have to feel a sense of trust and security.   We build that relationship one child at a time, inspiring and believing in each child.   The Mattisyn School understands that when a child builds self-confidence at an early age, there are no limits to his or her achievements.