Accepting 4 – 18-Month-Old Infants

Caring for infants is a tremendous responsibility and we take that responsibility very seriously. The needs of the infant are consistently and constantly being met throughout the day. In the nursery we focus on the nurturance of the active learner, providing stimulation to spark the innate curiosity of the infants. During this stage of development infants begin a rapid process of development, fostered by trust building. At The Mattisyn School our nurturing caregivers interact in daily physical activities dedicated to promote safe exploration, and movement skills. Trust is critical at this stage. The infant is reassured continuously that their physical, emotional and social needs are met and they are safe, nurtured, and cared for at The Mattisyn School Nursery.

The older infants have a separate outdoor play area that encourages exploration of their world in a safe and nurturing environment.
Card access only playground and facility provides a safe and secure environment with constant camera monitoring system. Every detail has been planned from design to selection of developmentally appropriate equipment and toys to stimulate their young minds, encouraging language and communication while developing more refined gross motor skills. Parents can rely on our loving, devoted staff of infant caregivers who were chosen for their warmth and compassionate personalities. They provide nurturing and most importantly lots of love and caring.

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