Academic Life

The Mattisyn School is a language-rich learning environment and fosters healthy growth and development.  Our Early Childhood curriculum promotes core areas of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies taught to your child based upon how your child learns best or processes information best.  Our curriculum is forward-thinking, comprehensive, developmentally appropriate  and research-based.  We begin our curriculum immediately with infants through prekindergarten because we understand the importance of optimal brain development during these years. Most importantly we promote that learning is fun and exciting.

Starting with toddlers students become familiar with the computer and the keyboard.   The introduction to technology promotes a rich medium for expression as well as a learning tool. Math and numbers are essential and students are exposed to the earliest forms of mathematical concepts in their daily work, including patterns, shapes, numbers.  The foundation for reading starts immediately at The Mattisyn School.  Print-rich classrooms instill a curiosity about letters, words, simple phrases.  We have one goal in mind:  to create the foundation for avid readers and writers at earliest stages.

By supporting the child’s ability to learn at each developmental stage, we recognize that each child is a unique learner with varied learning styles and thinking patterns.  Our devoted staff is highly skilled in child development and understands successful strategies for academic achievement.

Our progam is based on the works of the greatest theorists of all time Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson and Lev Vygotsky who each found a strong relationship between behavior and socialization to the cognitive process. It also incorporates the more recent findings of cognitive research and optimization. The utilization of major child expert theorists and brain-based research in the field of Cognitive Learning form a solid foundation for the cornerstone of the curriculum of The Mattisyn School. It is a fluid doctrine that works with the “whole child”, including; emotional, social, physical, affective and cognitive development. The uniqueness of each child is allowed to thrive, since the faculty recognizes that children do not all develop at the same rate nor do they all learn in the same manner.

An important part of the daily schedule is a time for individual choices from a wide variety of activity centers. These centers allow for exploration, discovery and play, allowing the child to be a self-directed learner and enrich his or her ability at creative play. During this important time of the day, teachers can observe each child’s interests, identifies your child’s learning style preference and leadership skills. We use this information to deliver knowledge which has the greatest affect on a child’s ability to process information. Unlike traditional teaching, our teachers teach in the style that is best for the learner, rather than the child adjusting to the teacher’s style of teaching. The respect that we show for the child’s way of learning generates classroom success, creating confident learners with high self-esteem and self-confidence and that’s what makes us different.

The advanced curriculum is enhanced by specialty instruction in art, music, Spanish, sign language for infants, computers, interactive boards and specially designed indoor/outdoor physical development playgrounds to support socialization, dramatic play, fine and gross motor skills and more.

Incorporated into our program is the well-renown Conscious Discipline curriculum which is specifically designed to create a positive school climate.  Conscious Guidance empowers the child to be conscious or aware of brain-body states and emotions, and provides children with practical skills to be able to regulate their own thoughts, feelings and actions.  This program has been named the National Model for character education by Florida State Legislature.