Four to Five Year Olds

This important year prepares the children for formal schooling. All necessary and needed concepts for school readiness are a focus. Early reader skills of phonological awareness and an understanding of patterning and number sequence provide the foundation for future school success.  Students learn to recognize lower and uppercase letters, write the alphabet, identify sounds, and exposed to solid reading skills. Fine motor skills of cutting, writing and pasting are worked with daily.  They are exposed to the earliest forms of mathematical concepts.  Movement, balance and physical coordination are usually mastered during this year.

The classroom teachers all work together closely to ensure that the curriculum is well-integrated and age appropriate.  We are a language rich learning environment creating a solid foundation and meaningful experiences.  At The Mattisyn School we have one goal in mind:  to create the foundation for avid readers and writers at earliest stages.  This year concludes with a graduation ceremony, marking the first of a lifetime of accolades and recognition events for the children.