Two Year Olds

At this age the children begin to test their independence. They want to touch, taste, smell, hear and test things themselves. Eager to learn, we encourage them to learn by experiencing and doing. Through play, they develop skills in language proficiency, self control, further refinement of gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Scholastic studies become an important part of our school day. Our nurturing teachers guide the children, thereby encouraging and supporting each child’s emerging self.   The toddler’s daily experience is filled with stimulating materials and developmentally age appropriate activities and lessons.    Children who engage in active learning during this time are children who learn self-management and make themselves known as learners.  Our unique program and curriculum will build self-esteem and self-confidence to empower your child.


Three Year Olds

The three year old children begin to reason and use logic. The school day has a great concentration on academia. Foreign language and emphasis on beginning reading is added to the school day subjects. The children become better skilled at solving conflicts and working in a team situation. They also develop a keener sense of self and master independence in many areas.  The classroom teachers all work together closely to ensure that the curriculum is well-integrated and age appropriate.  The Language Arts process begins where the students are exposed to a variety of written materials.  Print-rich classrooms help the students develop a curiosity about letters, words, etc.  They are beginning to grasp an understanding of how reading happens.   Exposure to mathematical concepts and writing are achieved.

We are a language rich learning environment creating a solid foundation and meaningful experiences that will empower the child and encourage self-confidence.  At The Mattisyn School we have one goal in mind:  to create the foundation for avid readers and writers at earliest stages.