School Uniform

The Mattisyn School dress code enhances each child’s learning experience. A dress code promotes a sense of community, helps children feel good about themselves, and allows children to focus on learning while at the Mattisyn School. We have found that children take greater pride in their appearance and in their accomplishments when dressed in a clean, neat uniform. Children who wear uniforms behave better and are able to focus their attention on improving social skills and achieving academic success. Our dress code promotes an atmosphere of equality, respect and learning and is one component of our successful program.

We require school uniforms for ages 1 through VPK children as well as for our staff. Children ages 2 and under are required to wear the TMS logo T-Shirt, with blue/navy (including jeans) or khaki bottoms. The buttons on the TMS Polo shirts pose a choking hazard and therefore, should not be worn for children 2 and under. Children ages 3 up to VPK are required to wear a TMS Polo shirt with blue/navy (including jeans) or khaki bottoms. VPK students are required to wear a TMS Oxford shirt with blue/navy (including jeans) or khaki bottoms.

On Fridays, all students are allowed to wear a TMS T-shirt with blue/navy (jeans) or khaki bottoms; **All girls are allowed to wear the TMS Dress any day. Oxfords come in Blue, Yellow or White; Polos and T-Shirts only come in Navy or Gold. **Close-toe tennis sneakers are required, we ask that no sandals be allowed due to safety reasons.

The front desk will provide information on ordering the school uniform shirts, polos or oxfords, which can be ordered at

**Please Note:  Our uniform policy is strictly enforced and we appreciate your cooperation